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Hello, I'm Alana - Wedding Cake Maker

The face behind  Wedding Cakes By Alana, and the...

  • Owner, Sales & Marketing, Photographer

  • Designer & Cake maker

  • Washer upper and the list goes on and on...

I absolutely love every minute of it!

Enjoy hearing clients vision for their day and creating a delicious masterpiece they'll be delighted to share with their guests on their Wedding day....................

alana 1.jpg

I’m a massive coffee lover and love nothing more than a latte.
My happy place’s are my kitchen and garden, you’ll normally find me in one of those.

I’m a wine drinker not a gin girl. 

My love of baking came from when I was younger and I’d spend hours in the kitchen with my mum baking.

Fast forward to 10 years ago when baking became therapy after losing both my parents.

This was when I found my love and passion for it again, hence Wedding Cakes by Alana was born as they say!

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